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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, the san francisco need the help of federal officials to make sure the mayor's election is fair? several candidates say yes. plus -- >> we're just trying to get home. >> how a kayaking trip on the bay quickly turned into a search and rescue effort. and it hasn't even hit store shelves yet but a new biography is already setting a best seller list. we'll show you the buzz behind the book about the late apple icon steve jobs. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. tonight, several candidates in the race for mayor of san francisco are asking the federal government to step in to make sure the election is fair. election day is in just about two weeks. and the request comes after accusations of voter fraud involving mayor ed lee's supporters. nbc bay area's monte francis is at san francisco city hall with
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more on that. monte? >> this is a copy of the letter that seven of the candidates have sent to the secretary of state and the department of justice. they want election monitors who to oversee the voting process. video footage taken by a campaign staffer for leland yi in china town on friday shows workers from an independent group supporting mayor ed lee helping voters fill out absentee ballots and in some cases actually filling out the ballots themselves. at a mayoral forum, we caught up with some of the seven candidates calling on state and federal investigators to look into what the candidates say appears to be voter fraud. >> it's outrageous what's happened. we have a videotape that essentially shows workers connected with ed lee's independent expenditure telling people how to vote, helping them fill out their ballots. that's a clear violation of the elections law. >> i certainly found these allegations to be very troubling. we need to have a clear and fair election. we need to have integrity at the
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ballot box. and i think we need a full investigation of what happened. >> reporter: the mayor's campaign did not return our calls but a spokesman for ed lee's campaign told the chronicle that what's seen in the video is not illegal and says it's just a political hit against lee because the mayor has such a commanding lead in the polls. the most recent poll shows lee with a lead of 31% of the first choice votes while dennis herera, john avalos and leland yee trail with single digits. this is also the first mayoral race with ranked choice voting and given what happened in oakland last year when gene kwan won the mayoral race without a majority of the first choice votes, many say lee is not promised a full term as mayor of san francisco. >> i personally knocked on about 15,000 doors. when i go to someone's door, people are very undecided. i still think the vase wide open. >> reporter: the head of the elections department says he has reviewed the videos and it
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doesn't appear to him there's been any violation of the law. he has, however, forwarded the video on to the district attorney to investigate. live in san francisco tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. thank you, monte. also in san francisco, the coast sgrd actively searching for a man who was kayaking and somehow overturned in the bay. tonight we're learning that man had just battled cancer and won. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is near san francisco's pier 80 with the latest on that for us. >> reporter: diane, while san francisco firefighters called off their search this evening presuming this man is dead, the coast guard continues to hold out hope that he is alive and say they are searching for a survivor. >> total freak accident. i can't believe it. >> reporter: friend of a missing kayaker are in disbelief after what was supposed to be a fun day out on the bay turned tragic. san francisco police say a 55-year-old kayaker got too close to a tug boat that was
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directing a tanker toward pier 80. his kayak got caught in current generated by the tug boat's propellers and overturned. >> when i turned around to see how he was doing, his boat was already over. oh, my god, tom, get out of the boat. there was no -- so he was already out and under. >> reporter: the man never resurfaced and his friends called out to the tug boat for help. san francisco police and fire, along with the u.s. coast guard searched the water for hours. but found no sign of him. beau barnes says this was the third time he had been out kayaking with this friend who was, until recently ill. >> he was eager to kayak because he just beat throat cancer. two years of chemo and all that stuff and he was high on life. and he wanted to kayak. >> reporter: barnes said his friend had a life vest on at the time of the accident. he says the water had been
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idyllic. >> this is perfect conditions. i mean, it gusted at 3 miles per hour today, at most. >> the coast guard has identified the missing kayaker tonight as tom gregor. they continue to hold out hope they will find him alive and are actively searching these waters near pier 80. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc, bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. in san jose, two people were injured when a fire broke out at an apartment complex early this morning. the fire also forced as many as 50 people to have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight. the three-alarm fire started around 1:15 at the complex on south king road near bowling green drive. firefighters saw heavy smoke and flames coming from the building when they arrived on the scene. in addition to the two people injured, firefighters actually rescued six people from the burning building and the red cross also stepped in to help. >> right now we have approximately 15 families that
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we are working with to provide food, shelter, clothing, medicine and emotional support. >> firefighters say most of the building is fine but a few of the units are heavily damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also in san jose there was another officer-involved shooting. police say an officer shot and injured an armed man at a hotel this morning. officers responded to reports of a man with a weapon at the extended stay hotel on brokaw road just before 8:00 a.m. the man was displaying threatening behavior and one officer shot in self-defense. >> that individual was laying on the stairs. appeared to be either sleeping or passed out. officers tried to contact that individual. he was not responsive. however, he eventually did wake up, display some type of threatening behavior with the weapon to the officers and at that point, at least one officer fired several rounds striking the subject several times. >> police say the suspect is expected to survive.
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no officers were injured in the shooting. and this is the city's seventh officer-involved shooting of the year in san jose. interstate 580 finally reopened early this morning, almost 12 hours after a deadly and possibly intentional crash shut it down. the crash also sent police on a mile-long search for evidence. police say it started when 31-year-old eddie hall from oakland hit a hells angel motorcycle on 580 yesterday while driving a paratransit van. hall reportedly kept driving, dragging the motorcycle under the van for more than a mile. police say he then pulled over and ran away. police arrested him a short time later. the motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at the hospital. authorities say he was a member of the hell's angels and riding with other hell's angels at the top of the crash. and witnesses reportedly say the driver of the van deliberately swerved into the group hitting them. the paratransit company says that hall had no criminal record and police have not yet released the victim's name.
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california businesses are hiring. last month the state added nearly 12,000 jobs. the second straight month of growth. but it's not enough to make a significant dent in the state's unemployment rate. california's jobless rate has been right around 12% for most of the recession. the county with the lowest unemployment rate? marin with 7.4%. and imperial county in southern california has the highest rate at 29.6%. some economists say the recent job growth is a sign that california is not slipping into a double-dip recession as many had feared. and still ahead at 11:00 -- in turkey, rescue workers are frantically working to find survivors buried under the rubble after a 7.2 earthquake. plus, the celebrations in libya continue on this first official day of liberation. and you might just be surprised what was lodged in the skull of this beautiful hawk rescued in san francisco this weekend. and how it was dislodged is even more remarkable.
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i'm rob mayeda tracking a warm finish to the weekend. but the morning will start off fairly cool. 40s and 50s outside. changes off to our west mean we'll be seeing some windy and possibly very dry conditions around the bay area this week. details in your seven-day forecast when we crigh
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turkey today, a 7.2 earthquake hit the eastern part of that country. experts say as many as 1,000 people may have been killed. the quake was centered close in to the iranian border near the
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city of van but caused damage across a wide area. scores of buildings have collapsed. people are frantically working in freezing temperatures in an effort to try to save lives. >> turkey, like california, japan is sitting at a -- what's called a plate boundary. this is an area with multiple faults and a very complex pattern. we can already see some of the aftershocks are on different faults. >> there are calls for tents and blankets and more rescue teams are on their way to the area right now. we're told roads are still blocked there. also today, president obama said the u.s. was prepared to assist in the recovery there. libya's new government officially declared liberation today after 42 years of moammar gadhafi's rule. but as the country's new founding fathers look forward, the u.s. and other countries are calling for some accountability on the question of just how gadhafi died. nbc's adrian mong reports from
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misrata. >> reporter: a sea of red, black and green flooded ben ghazi's main square. the site where the uprising began eight months ago. hundreds of thousands celebrating liberation from 42 years of rule under moammar gadhafi. the leader of the transitional government thanked forces for winning the war and stressed the need for reconciliation and tolerance among the different tribes. casting a shadow, questions still over gadhafi's death. as his corpse lay in misrata for a third day an autopsy confirmed he died from a bullet to the head. no other details have been released. the u.s. and other nations are urging thorough investigation. >> i think it's important that this new government, this effort to have a democratic libya start with the rule of law, start with accountability. >> fighters from the unit that found gadhafi in a drain pipe in his hometown on thursday said they don't care about how or when he died. the important thing, they said
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is that he was caught. towards the end, the eccentric former leader was said to be growing impatient with life on the run. the fighters who seized him said he refused to believe his time was up. in misrata which put up some of the fiercest fighting against gadhafi's troops earlier this year, thousands of people again crowded into the recently renamed freedom square. many of them said they wanted to look forward, not backwards. >> now we have to look about future. >> reporter: today's declaration of liberation sets in motion a process that will ultimately end in the nation's first free elections. already there's a sign of what a new free libya will look like. transitional leaders have said that islamic sharia law will form the basis. >> some in libya are calling for the first free election within eight months. in tunisia this weekend, where the arab spring movement first began, polls are closed after that country's first free
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election. a moderate islamic party that has long been banned in the secular society is expected to win. results are expected tomorrow or possibly tuesday. we have new information tonight regarding the deadly san bruno explosion last year. and once again, pg&e is facing serious questions. new inspection reports and other documents show that pg&e knew about leaks on its san bruno natural gas transition line well before it certified that that pipe was free of such leaks. that certification came about a year before the pipeline exploded according to the san francisco chronicle. and a 2009 report shows pg&e workers found at least 26 leaks on the mill petes too san francisco pipeline from 1951 to 2009. the causes of those leaks were listed as unknown. well, it hasn't even hit store shelves yet but the steve jobs' biography is already a best seller on many lists
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because of so many preorders. the late apple ceo granted the book's father more than 40 interviews over two years for the book. among the revelations, jobs regretted resisting pancreatic cancer surgery, a decision which may have ultimately caused him his life. he also talked about being bullied as a child and giving up christianity as a teenager. also, jobs reportedly met his biological father but did not know it. in the book, his father says he ran a restaurant in the silicon valley where jobs was a frequent customer. we spoke to apple customers in los gatos today about the new book. >> i just think he's a fascinating person, and i would like to learn about what made him the way he is. >> i've read a few of the vignettes about -- out of the book already and they seem quite interesting. just in terms of where he kind of got his sense of design at an early age and, in general, the arc of his life seems like it will be a good read. >> the biography officially
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comes out tomorrow, but we're hearing that if you preordered the book on the kindle or from the ibook store then it's already available to read now. a red-tailed hawk that was shot in the head with a nail gun is recovering in san jose tonight. in fact, it is doing so well you can barely tell it was even injured. animal rescue workers say bird watchers first saw the hawk a week ago with the nail through its head. the hawk was captured yesterday by a volunteer group called wild rescue. listen to this. after a week, the nail just dislodged and dropped out during a ride from san francisco to san jose with no signs of trauma or bleeding. the bird is being treated at the wildlife center of silicon valley in san jose and a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who harmed that bird. the bird is doing very well. we're going to check in with rob mayeda. >> pretty fantastic finish to
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the weekend. we saw temperatures south of morgan hill at 94 degrees in gilroy today. santa cruz up to 89. and mid-80s for most of the bay area from the tri-valley by livermore, over toward oakland and san francisco. 80s today. upper 80s in santa rosa. the reason why we didn't have any red flag warnings today, even with the dry conditions and warm temperatures, not enough wind. but that might change come tuesday and wednesday where we are watching offshore winds. after a warm day like today without a strong sea breeze we're still at 70 degrees in oakland and san francisco. so still pretty mild outside. into the 50s in the north way. santa brosa. patchy low cloud on the coast. more false sunshine and then late tuesday and we're expect something offshore winds which
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will really start to dry things out. air quality tomorrow, moderate along the coast. up toward the north day. tonight, high clouds spilling over. weak weather system here that once it passes just to the north of us overnight we'll see high pressure building into our north tomorrow. kind of a northwest breeze. temperatures mostly in the 70s for tomorrow. then by tuesday, that ridge of high pressure is going to kind of re-center itself over northern nevada. as it does so, as the winds come out of the northeast, we get that air that warms up and dries out as it sinks to lower elevations. humidity levels could be in the teens. we could get wind gusts if they stay sustained over 30 miles per hour. that could fire up some red flag warnings tuesday night into wednesday. obviously, some very dry weather this week. we'll have to watch out for fire danger around the hilltops. overnight tonight, out towards the north bay, those will be cooler temperatures for tomorrow morning. 40s and 50s. everyone should be in the 70s as early as lunchtime. tomorrow's highs probably not quite as warm as today.
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still think some hilltop spots will get low 80s. otherwise, upper 70s for your monday. so the item to watch, not raindrops but offshore winds. tuesday into wednesday. this is the time of year. we've had a mild summer. doesn't take much to have that fire danger spin up, especially if the offshore winds for a couple of days midway through this week. coming up, the results of a new study involving a controversial chemical found in many plastics. why pregnant women should avoid bpa. plus -- >> good evening. i'm laurence scott. coming up on "sports sunday," an in-depth evaluation of the 49ers and raiders. plus, the silicon valley success story born in the 1960s well before "moneyball." how bay area technology helped tath picks in the nfldr t. s datedesrtad adrgoec. sta, too? -here you go, lulu. -hey?! you had an imaginary friend once, too. she's full. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper beef pasta. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.
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new research suggests efforts to shield babies from a
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controversial chemical may have been misguided and should have been aimed at their mothers. in a study of more than 200 people, pregnant women who had higher leveles of bpa were more like three have daughters with slightly elevated behavior problems, including depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression. there was no link found for boys. bpa is in many plastic products. the lining of canned food and >. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at some of today's sports highlights. the 49ers were on a bye this week. the raiders, after all the talk this week about who their starter would be, kyle boller and carson palmer threw six interceptions. the raiders lost to the kansas city chiefs, 28-0 and are 4-3 on the season. the texas rangers beat the st. louis cardinals, 4-0. the series now tied at two games apiece. game five is tomorrow in arlington. thanks for watching nbc bay
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area news at 11:00. we've got "sports sunday" coming up next. a look at how the silicon valley helped change the way the nfl looks at players, next.
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and now another viewpoint. sfons an editorial. >> last week we called on bay area counties to beef up their drug and training programs in hopes of rehabilitating thousands of prisoners the state has only been warehousing. clint wrote it depend aups the individual. some change for the greater good. others don't. with nearly 70% of parolees becoming repeat offenders, blame the system. the probation systems currently ineffective. probation officers have a huge opportunity to be a positive influence, but they're more negative than anything else. patricia with the silicon valley council of non-profits said re-entry plans must include health care, housing and jobs. california can save $233 million by slashing recidivism by 10%.
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we hope the business community can offer jobs and be part of the solution. we couldn't agree more. join the debate, tonight on "sports sunday," an in-depth evaluation of the 49ers and raiders. plus, how silicon valley ingenuity emerging in the early 1960s changed how the nfl evaluates players. well before moneyball, statistical analysis born in the bay area decades ago. we also ask, should college athletes be paid? and hear from a variety of voices while getting the take from a top bay area ufc fighter on the event coming to the tank in a matter of weeks.
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good evening. i'm laurence scott. we've been talking about our new format here. a focus on conversations and feature stories. you've seen all the game highlights from the entire weekend by now so tonight we want to bring you something different and start with a look at the resurgence of the 49ers and raiders. the last time the 49ers played in a postseason game was january 12th, 2003. they lost to the buccaneers and it marked the last game steve mariucci ever coached for the team. the last time the raiders played in a postseason game was that very same year when they lost to those same bucs in super bowl 37. since then, both franchises basically foal the depths of the nfl having gone through numerous head coaches and quarterbacks


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